Bluebird Feeder Collection

Songbird Cedar Bluebird Feeder: If it’s bluebirds you want to attract, nothing works as well as serving up their favorite meal – mealworms or our special bluebird nuggets – in this private cedar feeder. Bluebirds are shy birds, and won’t feed at regular bird ...Read More

Bluebird Houses

When it comes to building houses, bluebirds can use our help! Bluebirds cannot excavate their own homes, and rely on old woodpecker holes or rotting trees to make their homes. A man made bluebird house is a welcome site to the gentle bluebird! As ...Read More


CREATING GOOD BLUEBIRD HABITAT ….Compliments of Bluebirds Forever Bluebirds are wonderful birds to have around. They eat many insect pests considered damaging to our crops and gardens. Creating a yard with bluebird appeal is easy once you know the basics… Bluebirds prefer to live ...Read More

More About Bluebirds

ATTRACTING BLUEBIRDS! ….Compliments of Bluebirds Forever Bluebirds are a member of the Thrush family related to the American Robin. Three bluebirds make their home in North America: The Eastern Bluebird, The Western Bluebird and the Mountain Bluebird. The bluebird is very beneficial to us, ...Read More