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Having a family of bluebirds nest in your bluebird box can be very exciting. Here's some general guidelines as to what to expect as your bluebirds begin their nesting.....


EGG LAYING: 5-7 days

Eastern Bluebird: 12-14 days
Mountain Bluebird: 13-15 days
Western Bluebird: 14 days

BROODING: 6 days

Eastern Bluebird: day 16-21
Mountain Bluebird: day 19-23
Western Bluebird: day 19-22

picture of Nut n Bugs High Energy Insect Meal for Wild Birds
NUT n Bugs
High Energy Insect Meal
is a GREAT help to
nesting bluebirds!

Spring is a busy time for nesting birds and a delightful time for the backyard birder to watch and observe. Birds will readily nest in areas where a steady supply of food, water and shelter exists.
Best Nest Builder
Picture of the best nest builder
The perfect compliment to backyard birdhouses! It can take thousands of trips for a single bird to assemble a them out with a concentrated stash of nesting materials! This field tested and proven, pre-assembled nesting aid provides all natural nesting material for your backyard birds. Hang freely from a tree limb or post close to your birdhouses. Will last all season and is weatherproof. Dimensions: Nesting ball itself is approximately 6" wide by 4" deep.

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