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Bluebird Wind Chimes

Enjoy the world's finest wind chime, by JW Stannard, to enjoy in your garden or yard. Since 1979, JW Stannard has been making fine percussion instruments for some of the greatest musical artists of our time. They have applied this skill to their remarkable hand tuned bluebird wind chime below.

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Item #WC-JWS-303

Bluebird Wind Chime

This magical wind chime rings out a mellow C# minor 9th chord guaranteed to chase away the blues! Rings the pure musical notes of G#, C#, E, G#, C#, D#. The 6 tubular 3/4" hand tuned bells are made of a specially developed metal alloy similar to aircraft skin that will maintain their perfect pitch and never rust. 30" long. All wooden parts are made from ash, a weather resistant hardwood and hand rubbed with three coats of marine varnish to preserve the natural luster. Convenient removable hangers slip out of the top wooden frame to wrap around chains, tree branches or any closed support.

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