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Bird Bath Heater

Picture of Water Heater for Bird Baths

Maintain an ice free bird bath to attract more bluebirds and keep them coming back even in sub-zero temperatures!

Polyethylene coated aluminum sheath keeps cord out of water and can be easily shaped by hand to fit all bird baths (pottery, concrete or plastic) up to 10 quart capacity. Immersion-type electric heater is rated 200 watts @ 120 volts and costs little to operate. Snap acting thermostat keeps water at 40-50 degrees with no TV or radio interference. Shuts off automatically in 60 seconds when operated out of water. Waterproof, sealed in epoxy. Heavy duty electrical cord has grounded plug and short length to keep it off the ground. Includes stabilizing bracket for use with shallow bird baths, plus hook on handle keeps heater from being accidentally pulled from the bath. 4 Year guarantee from the manufacturer. Dimensions: 7" long by 1" wide.

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  Heated Bird Bath
Picture of Heated Bird Bath for bluebirds
This thermostatically controlled plastic bird bath is designed to keep water ice free all winter long. Has been tested for effectiveness in -20 degrees F conditions. Gentle sloping shallow bowl invites many more bluebirds! 20 inches in diameter. Metal bracket and all hardware included for mounting to a wooden or metal deck rail up to 12 inches wide. Mounts to virtually any birdbath pedestal, plastic, concrete, sandstone, or wood, hollow or solid, 12 inches in diameter or less. Will also rest or mount on any flat surface. 150 Watts, 120 volts.

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Care Free Birdbath Protector
Picture of Care Free Birdbath Protector
AT LAST! A non-toxic, all-natural alternative to keep your birdbath from getting "scummy"! This non-toxic, biodegradable, bacteria-free, food-grade enzyme solution is safe for birds, fish, plants and pets. Prevents stains, scum, mineral deposits and organic contaminates. Spend less time scrubbing your birdbath and more time enjoying it! All you do is add one capful weekly. Keeps your water clean, clear and natural looking. 4 fl. oz. bottle stands 5" tall by 1 1/2"wide. Bottle contains 22 treatments.

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7 Days a Week

Picture of before and after with Care Free Birdbath Protector
WITH Birdbath Protector   WITHOUT

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