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Large/Triple Size Suet Cakes for Bluebirds

Suet is designed to attract the beautiful insect eating birds such as bluebirds. Suet is rendered beef fat mixed with other ingredients, designed to be a quick source of energy. Below are our best suet flavor picks to attract bluebirds! Offering suet in your backyard is a year round practice but is especially important in the winter when insects are a scarce source of food for bluebirds and in spring, when they are busy feeding and raising their families. Offer these ready-to-go suet cakes in a suet cage or special suet feeder.




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Large Peanut Suet Bricks
$6.97 Each

Picture of Suet Bricks for BLuebirds
Large 32 Ounce Peanut Suet Cakes for bluebirds! Offer these cakes in a suet cage or special suet feeder.

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