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Water is an important part of any bluebird habitat. Bluebirds need a continuous supply of fresh clean water at all times of the year, for both drinking and bathing. Adding a birdbath to your backyard will give you more bluebird appeal!

On hot summer days, bluebirds can be drawn to a birdbath kept fresh with a water dripper. During the colder, months, fresh unfrozen water is just as important. A source of water can dramatically increase the number of bluebirds you attract in your backyard. There are many ways to offer water including birdbaths, drippers, misters, shallow dishes and small ponds.

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Pedestal Bird Baths


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Hanging Ceramic Bird Baths


Attract the bluebird in winter with a Heated Bird Bath
Bird Bath Heaters


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Misters & Drippers


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Deck Mount Bird Baths


Birdbaths are probably the most common source of water. You can offer ground level birdbaths, pedestal birdbaths or hanging birdbaths. It is important to consider the area where the bath will go. Bluebirds like to have perches nearby to preen afterward. Situate your birdbath near a fence post, tree or shrub that offer lots of perching space. Whether your birdbath is on the ground, a pedestal or hanging, follow these suggestions for the best results:

  • Look for a basin that can be easily cleaned and has a gentle slope so bluebirds can wade into the water. The bowl should be no more than 1 to 3" deep. Anything deeper, and bluebirds will avoid it.
  • To accommodate more than one bird at a time, the diameter should be at least two feet.
  • Make sure the bottom surface is rough to allow for solid footing, or place small rocks in the bottom to create different depth levels for bluebirds to perch on.
  • Your water source will be more obvious to bluebirds if the inside of the bath is a dark color. Tests have shown that water in a dark container is used more often. Reflections from the water are much more noticeable to bluebirds.
  • Keep your birdbath at least 15 feet from your other feeding areas.
  • Add a dripper or mister accessory to keep the water fresh. The noise and movement these accessories create draw bluebirds like a magnet!
  • Bluebirds can't fly well when they're wet. Place the water source near shrubs or trees for quick escape from predators. Having perching space nearby makes it convenient for bluebirds to sit and preen after bathing.
  • Clean water is a must. Algae, mud or droppings can quickly make the water unappealing. Keep the water fresh: replace every 2-3 days.
  • Clean your bird bath with a stiff brush and a solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. We like to let ours sit in the full sun for awhile after cleaning to help bleach out the dark spots.
  • If keeping your birdbath clean and clear is a problem, we have a new enzyme based, non-toxic water additive that's safe for birds! Click here to check it out!


Picture of Backyard Bird PondA ground level bird pond is the most natural and effective bird bath to attract bluebirds. Keep it at a shallow depth of no more than 1 to 3 inches which is ideal for bird bathing. Be sure the sides are gently sloping to allow birds to wade into the water. Pile rocks around and in the pond at different heights to allow bluebirds places to perch and preen. Nearby perches in trees, and shrubs are also important for bluebirds


Bluebirds are attracted to the sound of dripping or running water. The ripples and noise caused by these water accessories help bluebirds to recognize the water as they fly overhead. Adding this type of action to your water helps to attract more bluebirds into your yard.

Drippers can be placed in any pool of water that your bluebirds drink or bathe in. Misters can be suspended above a birdbath or in a tree. Attach a water mister in a tree or nearby shrub and aim it at broad faced leaves. Bluebirds flying overhead will be attracted to the water as is glistens on leaves. Adding a dripper or mister to your water source will also keep your water fresher.

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